A TimeWise M.O.S.T. program mobile training classroom was brought to Maine Maritime Academy by Time Wise owner Rodney P. Rodrigue to demonstrate the capabilities of virtual welding and CNC machine tool training equipment. The Lincoln VRTEX 360 virtual reality arc welding training system can reduce training time, materials and cost. It is not a replacement for training on real welding equipment, it is an enhancement which can speed up the learning of arc welding skills by providing immediate performance feedback, improved visibility for the student and instructor, and instant evaluation based on standard parameters.


That's the State of Maine Training Ship at the left, and the TimeWise M.O.S.T. mobile classroom on the right. (HD image )



Lots of toys! Virtual Welding or ride a motorbike? Difficult choices. (HD image )



Inside the M.O.S.T. mobile classroom, the VRTEX360 is at the back. (HD image )



MOST Instructor Mike Myers explaining the display on the wall which shows how the student's weld compares to the model. (HD image )



The instructor can view the weld exactly as the student sees it, or... (HD image )


...the instructor can also view the weld at any angle and show it to the student. (HD image )


The display at the top shows the standards for contact tip to work distance, torch angle, travel speed, as staright lines (constants) and the student's performance plotted by the amount of deviation above or below the standard parameters. There is also a view of the weld, so variations in height, width, porosity, lack of fusion, and so on can be compared to the parameters. (HD image )


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